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After 35 years of knowledge & experience & over 900 events and counting ! I creatively select every song and recreate it back to you with High Energy, High Output, in a non~partisan non~bias attitude with passion & desire. The people that know me understand exactly what I'm saying. As a DJ/Host & MC, taking you on a journey for as long as our time together is what I LIVE for.  I have also spent years as a professional dancer, and I'm always willing to help get the party started ! I remember when the Majestic Genius Court Jester himself once said,

Michael Joseph Jackson: "when I dance, it's as if my body is like a instrument of nature, I LOVE when I hear the"beat" I then can "recreate" with my body how I interpret a song" end quote... That's exactly how I feel while I set the tone for my listening audience. With that being said, I feel "we all are" just that in our every day life. You can be sure that with decades of experience you and your guests will have memories that last a Lifetime !

MUSIC is a way of speaking to the World, it is the very center, the nucleus in all of us in one way or another, it's a connection that only our inner spirit understands without even saying a word....let's LIVE, LOVE, DANCE, with PEACE & HARMONY...Thank you very much, Tony P. Hloros




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